Vaccines all around: ACIP updated recommended adult immunization schedules for 2022

Reviewed by Hannah Imlay, MD; University of Utah Health, Salt Lake City, UT

In concordance with ACIP recommendations, a revised adult immunization schedule was published. The majority of recommendations remained the same, but special changes of interest include:

  1. PCV15/PPSV23 or PCV20 (without PPSV23) replace the use of PCV13/PPSV23, which mean broader coverage of serotypes and fewer shots (for those who get PCV20)
  2. RZV (zoster) vaccination now recommended for all patients 19+ who are or will be immunodeficient—this recommendation is mainly driven by the observation of more cases and higher severity of herpes zoster among young, immunocompromised patients than among adults >50 (where the need has already been demonstrated).

Slides from ACIP meeting:

Neil Murthy, A. Patricia Wodi, Henry Bernstein, et al; Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule, United States, 2022*. Ann Intern Med.2022;175:432-443. [Epub 18 February 2022]. doi:10.7326/M22-0036

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