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Copyright, Disclaimer and Related Policies

All documents and written information on this website are subject to copyright law, and are owned by the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) or other individuals. Any reproduction of any part or any posting or document found on this website is prohibited, unless the copyright owner (e.g., SHEA) has granted written consent to do so. All other rights reserved.

Names and Trademarks

The names, trademarks, service marks, and logos that appear on this website may not be used to indicate SHEA’s sponsorship of or affiliation with any product or service without written permission from SHEA.


As a service to our website visitors, SHEA’s website includes direct links to other Internet sites; however, SHEA is not responsible for the content or information contained on those sites.

Privacy Policy

SHEA is committed to data privacy for its website visitors, its members, and the general public.

Public Areas

Any areas of the website that do not require a user login and password are part of the public portion of our website, and SHEA does not monitor or track any personally identifiable information on this part of our website. SHEA may track browser information and site activity (e.g., page hits, return visits, etc.). If a user reports problems with the website, SHEA may ask for specific information to assist the website user.

Members Only Section

Areas of the website that require a login and password are part of the Members Only section of the SHEA website. SHEA uses “cookies,” which uniquely identify browsers, to enable members’ computers to remember login information and to enable SHEA to improve its website. Users may change their browser settings to refuse all cookies or to be informed of cookie use. After each session, users should log-out of the SHEA website and close their browser to protect their privacy.

Use of Personal Information/Data Protection Policy 

SHEA collects personal and professional information in its membership application form and in registration forms for medical education trainings, conferences, and courses. In those forms, SHEA asks individuals to provide both personal and professional information. This information is used to:

  1. Communicate with members and/or participants about new research, networking opportunities, Board and volunteer lists, events/trainings, and other relevant information;
  2. Provide a professional directory for other SHEA members;
  3. Create attendance lists for meetings, trainings and courses; and

On occasion, SHEA rents its mailing list to third parties, and provides these third parties members’/participants’ names, member number, organization, department, title, and mailing address on flat mailing address labels. It does not share email addresses, fax numbers or phone numbers. These third parties use the list to share information of interest on upcoming events, research findings, or professional opportunities and are asked to prove their compliant with Data Protection standards. Members/Participants are asked if they opt in to sharing with third-parties. All financial information is kept strictly confidential.

SHEA is committed to data privacy for its users and is committed to processing data in accordance with its responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Lawful, fair and transparent processing 

  • To ensure its processing of data is lawful, fair and transparent, SHEA shall maintain a Register of Systems. 
  • The Register of Systems shall be reviewed at least annually. 
  • Individuals have the right to access their personal data and any such requests made to SHEA shall be dealt with in a timely manner. 

Lawful purposes

  • All data processed by SHEA must be done on one of the following lawful bases: consent, contract, legal obligation, vital interests, public task or legitimate interests (see ICO guidance for more information). 
  • SHEA shall note the appropriate lawful basis in the Register of Systems.
  • Where consent is relied upon as a lawful basis for processing data, evidence of opt-in  consent shall be kept with the personal data. 
  • Where communications are sent to individuals based on their consent, the option for the individual to revoke their consent should be clearly available and systems should be in place to ensure such revocation is reflected accurately in SHEA’s systems.  

Data minimization

  • SHEA shall ensure that personal data are adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed. 


  • SHEA shall take reasonable steps to ensure personal data is accurate. 
  • Where necessary for the lawful basis on which data is processed, steps shall be put in place to ensure that personal data is kept up to date. 
  • SHEA shall update the data during membership renewals and based on registrations as needed. 

Archiving / removal

  • To ensure that personal data is kept for no longer than necessary, SHEA shall put in place an archiving policy for each area in which personal data is processed and review this process annually. 
  • The archiving policy covers members only and includes membership information for 10 years of basic demographic information such as name, organization, title, and address. 


  • SHEA shall ensure that personal data is stored securely using modern software that is kept-up-to-date.  
  • Access to personal data shall be limited to personnel who need access and appropriate security should be in place to avoid unauthorised sharing of information. 
  • When personal data is deleted this should be done safely such that the data is irrecoverable. 
  • Appropriate back-up and disaster recovery solutions shall be in place. 


In the event of a breach of security leading to the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, or access to, personal data, SHEA shall promptly assess the risk to people’s rights and freedoms and if appropriate report this breach

This policy governs data at and its annual meeting Website, SHEA may change the content or services provided on this Website at any time and without notice. By accessing the website, all users agree to the terms of the policy.

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