U.S. Must Consider Broader Measures to Mitigate COVID-19 Transmission

January 06, 2023

The U.S. government’s new policy of requiring pre-flight COVID-19 testing for all travelers from China will likely have limited impact on transmission and will not provide the necessary data to fully assess the increasing number of cases globally. In addition, the policy could unintentionally fuel anti-Asian bias and xenophobia. 

To improve surveillance and obtain more useful data, the Administration should consider expanding broader testing strategies that are not defined by a narrow geographic scope. However, testing alone is unlikely to prevent transmission of the virus in the United States. 

As COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses continue to affect our communities and strain hospitals this winter, it is critical that we continue to protect ourselves and others by practicing basic public health precautions: stay home when ill, get all recommended vaccinations and boosters, and mask when appropriate.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Biden Administration and governors across the country should also be prepared to strengthen mitigation measures as necessary if the situation continues to worsen. In addition, it is critical that the Biden Administration continue its efforts to improve our diplomatic communications with China to ensure transparency regarding COVID-19 infection data.

Carlos del Rio, MD, FIDSA – President, Infectious Diseases Society of America

Deborah S. Yokoe, MD, MPH – President, Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America


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