Past Presidents

SHEA is thankful for the strategic direction provided by all our volunteers, members of the Board of Trustees, and SHEA Past Presidents.

2023 Deborah Yokoe, MD, MPH

2022 Sharon Brodie Wright, MD, MPH

2021 Mary Hayden, MD

2020 David Henderson, MD

2019 Hilary M. Babcock, MD, MPH

2018 Keith Kaye, MD, MPH

2017 Sara Cosgrove, MD, MS

2016 Louise-Marie Dembry, MD, FACP, MS, MBA

2015 Anthony Harris, MD, MPH

2014 Daniel J. Diekema, MD

2013 John Jernigan, MD, MS

2012 Jan E. Patterson, MD, MS

2011 Steven M. Gordon, MD

2010 Neil O. Fishman, MD

2009 Mark E. Rupp, MD

2008 Patrick J. Brennan, MD

2007 Victoria Fraser, MD

2006 Trish M. Perl, MD, MSc

2005 Leonard Mermel, DO, ScM

2004 Edward S. Wong, MD

2003 Michael Tapper, MD

2002 Barry Farr, MD

2001 William Jarvis, MD

2000 Dale Gerding, MD

1999 John Boyce, MD

1998 Elias Abrutyn, MD

1997 Robert Weinstein, MD

1996 William J. Martone, MD

1995 Bryan Simmons, MD

1994 Peter A. Gross, MD

1993 Donald E. Craven, MD

1992 John P. Burke, MD

1991 C. Glen Mayhall, MD

1990 Denis G. Maki, MD

1989 Walter J. Hierholzer, MD

1988 Richard A. Garibaldi, MD

1987 William Scheckler, MD

1986 Allen B. Kaiser, MD

1985 Richard P. Wenzel, MD

1984 Richard E. Dixon, MD

1983 William Schaffner, MD

1982 Donald Goldmann, MD

1981 John McGowan, MD

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