NICU White Paper Series: CLABSI, Respiratory infections, S. aureus, and C. difficile prevention

Current - C. difficile, CLABSI, Clinical Practice, Guidelines, Immunocompromised Patients, Infection Prevention, NICU, Pediatrics, S. aureus
SHEA, endorsed by APIC, IDSA, The Joint Commission, NANN, PIDS, and VON
August 30, 2018

The “SHEA neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) white paper series” is intended to provide practical, expert opinion, and/or evidence-based answers to frequently asked questions about infection detection and prevention in the NICU. This document serves as a companion to the CDC Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee (HICPAC) Guidelines for Prevention of Infections in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Patients. This document was authored by pediatric infectious diseases specialists, neonatologists, advanced practice nurse practitioners, infection preventionists, members of the HICPAC guideline-writing panel, and members of the SHEA Pediatric Leadership Council. For the selected topic areas, the authors provide practical approaches in question-and-answer format, with answers based on consensus expert opinion within the context of the literature search conducted for the companion HICPAC document and supplemented by other published information retrieved by the authors.

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Practical approaches for the prevention of central line-associated bloodstream infections
AUTHORS: Martha Muller, Kristina A. Bryant, Claudia Espinosa, Jill A. Jones, Caroline Quach, Jessica R. Rindels, Dan L. Stewart, Kenneth M. Zangwill, and Pablo J. Sánchez
March 2022
CDC Companion Guideline:

Practical approaches for the prevention of viral respiratory infections
AUTHORS: Nisha Thampi, Judith Guzman-Cottrill, Allison H. Bartlett, Wendy Berg, Joseph B. Cantey, Eimear Kitt, Karen Ravin, Kenneth M. Zangwill, Alexis Elward
October 2023
CDC Systematic Review:

Practical approaches to S. aureus prevention
AUTHORS: Ibukun Akinboyo, Kenneth Zangwill, Wendy Berg, JB Cantey, Beth Huizinga, Aaron Milstone
September 2020
CDC Companion Guideline:

Practical approaches to C. difficile prevention
AUTHORS: Thomas Sandora, Kristina Bryant, JB Cantey, Alexis Elward, Deborah Yokoe, Allison Bartlett
August 2018
CDC Systematic Review:

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