Infection Prevention in the Operating Room Anesthesia Work Area

Current - CLABSI, Clinical Practice, Hand Hygiene, Infection Prevention, Surgical Site Infections
SHEA, endorsed by AAAA, AANA, AORN, and ASPF
December 11, 2018

This SHEA expert guidance gives infection prevention and control recommendations related to hand hygiene (activities, glove use, alcohol-based hand sanitizer), reusable versus single-use devices, environmental cleaning and management, use of injection ports, barrier precautions, and vials, syringes, and IV bags.

Authors: Munoz-Price LS, Bowdle A, Johnston BL, Bearman G, Camins BC, Dellinger EP, Geisz-Everson MA, Holzmann-Pazgal G, Murthy R, Pegues D, Prielipp RC, Rubin ZA, Schaffzin J, Yokoe D, Birnbach DJ

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