Healthcare Personnel Attire in Non-Operating-Room Settings

Current - Guidelines, Infection Prevention, Institutional Policy, Patients, Personal Protective Equipment
January 21, 2018

This SHEA expert guidance gives general guidance to the medical community regarding HCP attire outside the operating room. In addition to the initial guidance statement, the article has 3 major components: review and interpretation of the medical literature regarding, review of hospital policies related to HCP attire, and a survey of the SHEA Research Network to assess institutional HCP attire policies and perceptions. Although the optimal choice of HCP attire for inpatient care remains undefined, the document provides recommendations on the use of white coats, neckties, footwear, the bare-below-the-elbows strategy, and laundering.

Authors: Bearman G, Bryant K, Leekha S, Mayer J, Munoz-Price LS, Murthy R, Palmore T, Rupp ME, White J

Reviewed: June 2018

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