SHEA Guidelines and Expert Guidance Documents

SHEA Expert Guidance Documents and White Papers are developed by a panel of experts who perform a comprehensive review of the available evidence and use their experience and expertise on the topic to make recommendation that assist practitioners. Since there is often not enough published evidence, these documents do not include a formal grading of the evidence. Our formal process for guidance is reviewed regularly and conflicts of interest are established as part of the formal document. If there is a topic you see missing, please email with recommendations for the committee.

  • Reliability of Nonlocalizing Signs and Symptoms as Indicators of the Presence of Infection in Residents of Nursing Homes
    Antibiotic Resistance, Clinical Practice, Infection Prevention, Long-Term Care
    SHEA, endorsed by AMDA, AMMI Canada, IDSA, and SIDP
    December 9, 2020

    This SHEA expert guidance provides a framework to guide practitioners in when to evaluate nursing home residents for infection if they exhibit non-specific signs or symptoms, including fever, hypothermia, low blood pressure, high blood sugar, delirium, behavioral changes, functional decline, falls, and anorexia.

    Authors: Rowe TA, Jump RLP, Andersen BM, Banach DB, Bryant KA, Doernberg SB, Loeb M, Morgan DJ, Morris AM, Murthy RK, Nace DA, Crnich CJ

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