COVID-19 Update | July 23, 2021
SHEA Coronavirus News
Technical Guidance, Standards and Resources
COVID-19 Vaccine Administration, by Race and Ethnicity — North Carolina, December 14, 2020–April 6, 2021 (CDC MMRW)   
COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage Among Insured Persons Aged ≥16 Years, by Race/Ethnicity and Other Selected Characteristics — Eight Integrated Health Care Organizations, United States, December 14, 2020–May 15, 2021 (CDC MMRW)  
SARS-CoV-2 B.1.617.2 (Delta) Variant COVID-19 Outbreak Associated with a Gymnastics Facility — Oklahoma, April–May 2021 (CDC MMRW)   
Use of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine After Reports of Myocarditis Among Vaccine Recipients: Update from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices — United States, June 2021 (CDC MMWR)  
Outcomes Among Patients Referred to Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinics After COVID-19 diagnosis — United States, January 2020–March 2021 (CDC MMWR)  
Acceptability of Adolescent COVID-19 Vaccination Among Adolescents and Parents of Adolescents — United States, April 15–23, 2021 (CDC MMWR)  
Special Settings and Populations  
Clinical Care  
Testing and Cases 
Quality Reporting 
Communication Resources 
Payment and Reimbursement Policy 
Information for Patients, Visitors, and the General Public
When You Can be Around Others After You Had or Likely Had COVID-19 (CDC)  
Families with Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Members (CDC)  
*UPDATE* When You’ve Been Fully Vaccinated (CDC)  
Trade Press, Journal Articles, and White Papers
Multisociety Statement on COVID-19 Vaccination as a Condition of Employment for Healthcare Personnel. Weber, D., Al-Tawfiq, J., Babcock, H., Bryant, K., Drees, M., Elshaboury, R., . . . Young, H. (2021). Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, 1-46. doi:10.1017/ice.2021.322 (ICHE)  
Healthcare Facilities Should Publicly Report the COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage of Healthcare Personnel. Yang, J., Babcock, H., & Baghdadi, J. (2021).  Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, 1-6. doi:10.1017/ice.2021.319 (ICHE)  
Estimated Mortality Increases During The COVID-19 Pandemic By Socioeconomic Status, Race, And Ethnicity (Health Affairs)  
COVID-19-Related Deaths and Excess Deaths Among Medicare Fee-For-Service Beneficiaries (Health Affairs)  
Larger Nursing Home Staff Size Linked to Higher Number Of COVID-19 Cases In 2020 (Health Affairs) 
News Highlights
American Hospital Association supports COVID-19 vaccine mandates (Modern Healthcare)  
America’s Essential Hospitals Urges Members to Require Employee Vaccination (America’s Essential Hospitals)  
Another medical professional group pushes for mandated vaccines (Modern Healthcare)  
Unvaccinated staff eyed in rising nursing home cases, deaths (AP)   
Delta COVID-19 variant now 83% of US cases (CIDRAP)  
How Delta is pushing the U.S. into a new phase of the Covid-19 pandemic (STAT)  
Osterholm Update Podcast: COVID-19 Episode 61: Divided by Delta (CIDRAP)  
Gist Healthcare Daily Podcast - Calls for vaccine mandates for healthcare workers intensify (Gist Healthcare Daily)  
U.S. at 'another pivotal moment,’ says CDC's Walensky (Reuters)  
Federal Policy Updates
COVID-19: Continued Attention Needed to Enhance Federal Preparedness, Response, Service Delivery, and Program Integrity (GAO)  
Hearing: The Path Forward: A Federal Perspective on the COVID-19 Response (Senate HELP) 

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