COVID-19 Update | April 24, 2020
The SHEA Nominations Committee is seeking candidates for the following offices: 
  • Vice President (must have previous SHEA Board experience) - 1 position, 4-year term progression (Vice-President, 2020; President-Elect, 2021; President, 2022; Past- President, 2023)
  • Councilor - 2 positions, 2-year term
Terms will begin January 1, 2021.
The deadline to submit the nomination form is Friday, June 5, 2020.
We understand that everyone is actively involved in COVID-19 response and have pushed out the due date as far as possible to meet the election deadlines outlined in SHEA's By-Laws. We have also updated the nominations process to make the form less duplicative with your CV. We hope that members interested in helping SHEA navigate our profession post COVID and prepare for the future will consider applying. Thank you for all you are doing to keep your communities safe.
Visit the SHEA website for more information including Board of Trustees' characteristics and responsibilities
SHEA Coronavirus News
COVID-19 by the Week Survey
We are tracking SHEA members' experiences week-by-week. 
Responses are anonymous for a 4-question survey. The first 2 questions are demographic, and the second two are about current status and primary concerns. 
Please complete the questions for next week. (Apr. 26-May 1): 
This week's results:
  • Lowest availability at facilities (1=crisis-level; 5=sustainable): PPE, not including respirators (3.05), respirators, time for training (both 3.36), personal resiliency (3.38)
  • Highest availability at facilities (5=sustainable; 1=crisis-level): ventilators, isolation rooms (both 4.21), frontline workforce availability, beds (both 4.05), medications, lab workforce availability (both 3.74)
  • Most common "top 3 concerns": new and/or diverging guidance or recommendations (42.9%), PPE supply (40.5%), test/test component supply (35.7%)
  • Most common facility types: academic medical center (47.5%), acute care hospital (42.5%), community based (15%)
  • 40 responses from AR, AZ, CA (2), CO, FL, GA, IL (2), IN, KY, LA, MA (4), MI, MN (2), MO (2), NE, NJ, NY, OH (4), OR, PA (2), RI, TN (2), TX, UT, VA, WI, ON (1), Mexico (1)
Federal Agency News, Guidance, and Guidelines
Clinical Care and Treatment
NIH COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines

Special Settings and Populations

Testing and Cases
Quality Reporting

Incident Management

Communication Resources
Payment and Reimbursement Policy
Tools and Resources
Prevention CHKC 
The Prevention Course in HAI Knowledge and Control (Prevention CHKC) is an online, interactive course designed to give frontline healthcare personnel what they need to help prevent healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). This course engages and commits personnel to critical elements of infection prevention and control in concise, half-hour long modules. The authors – foremost experts in epidemiology, infection prevention, and antibiotic stewardship – prioritized HAI prevention practices that are most necessary and relevant to frontline personnel. Offering the course free through May 31st with the use of the discount code – COVID19.
SHEA Rapid Response Podcast: COVID-19 Update: What We Know Now
Podcast episodes will launch every Thursday. Each week's episode will include a summary of important news items, medical literature and guidelines, and a discussion around the latest and most important questions surrounding the pandemic.
Episodes Available Now
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Environment of Care and PPE
  • Surge Planning & Testing
  • Diagnostic Testing, Part 1
  • PPE: Conservation & Shortages
  • Diagnostic Testing, Part 2
  • Involving Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs
  • Advocacy around COVID-19
  • PPE: Getting Resourceful with No Resources
  • Taking Care of Yourself
SHEA Rapid Response Webinars
  • Healthcare Facility Outbreak Preparedness
  • SHEA COVID-19 Town Hall - March 29
  • SHEA COVID-19 Town Hall, Round 2 - April 5
  • SHEA COVID-19 Town Hall, Round 3 - April 11
  • SHEA COVID-19 Town Hall, Round 4 - April 19
  • SHEA COVID-19 Town Hall, Round 5 - April 26 | 3:00 p.m.
    Live Q&A with SHEA Leaders on questions Healthcare Epi is facing during this pandemic.
Joint Statement: Roadmap for Resuming Elective Surgery after COVID-19 Pandemic
(AHA jointly with other professional societies, April 17, 2020)

Crisis Standards of Care During COVID-19 (American Public Health Association, National Academies of Medicine)
Event Announcements
SHEA COVID-19 Town Hall, Round 5
Sun., Apr. 26, 3:00-4:00 p.m. EST
Join us for round 5 of the SHEA COVID-19 Town Hall, to share ideas and ask questions in a discussion moderated by SHEA President, David K. Henderson, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA.
CDC Private Sector Call: Update on the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Response 
Mon., Apr. 27, 4:00 p.m. ET
Dr. Ethier will give a broad overview of CDC's upcoming guidance and decision trees that can assist select industries with making decisions about re-opening. Dr. Butler will provide an update on what CDC knows at this point and what CDC is doing in response to this outbreak. We will also have time for questions and answers.
Speakers: Dr. Jay C. Butler, Dr. Kathleen Ethier
Trade Press & Journal Articles
ICHE Coronavirus and COVID-19 Article Collection 
ICHE has a dedicate page on its website for COVID-19 related Articles, Commentaries, and Letters to the Editor, available here. All COVID-19 manuscripts are freely available and are published in their accepted form within days of acceptance. Check back frequently for updates.
News Highlights
Social Media
#COVIDasp Twitter Chat Highlights
Melissa Johnson @IDPharmacist
@JulieSzymczak @SHEA_Epi In some ways, the demands for unproven medications are higher than ever. We have tried to remain level headed and be a beacon for rational decision making- providing evidence or lack thereof. #COVIDASP 8:52 PM · Apr 23, 2020
Brad Langford @BRxAD
@SHEA_Epi In certain regions - as many as 100% of patients with #COVID19 receive concomitant antibiotics. I worry how this will set back #AMR, and in turn how #AMR can make co-infections harder to manage. #AntimicrobialStewardship needs to be hardwired into pandemic planning. #COVIDasp 8:48 PM  Apr 23, 2020
Helen Newland @helennewland
@SHEA_Epi @ASP_Chat A7: we've done a better job with realizing how intertwined so many things we do are. Intentional medication administration timing to decrease nurse room entry and conserve PPE, inhaler shortage impact on nebulizer use, etc. We [heart] our IP friends! @LukeStarnes4 @h_babcock #COVIDasp 8:57 PM · Apr 23, 2020
Kyle D. Massey @InfectiousPharm
@SHEA_Epi We expedited acquiring a mobile/Web app we were considering for ASP. Reformatted and loaded all infection prevention and COVID info, developed a local COVID clinical guide, added our ID treatment guides. Updates and new info communicated via push notifications and in-app banners. 8:55 PM · Apr 23, 2020
Yewande Dayo @YewyD
@SHEA_Epi We formed a multidisciplinary task force for different levels of care. I have focused on the evidence behind different potential options. Worked really hard on making sure we did not include Azithromycin in our recommendations. #COVIDasp 9:11 PM · Apr 23, 2020
Anna Zhou, PharmD, BCIDP @annaIDpharmD 
@SHEA_Epi There was a lot of guilt in having less time to review non-COVID patients. We relied on front line pharmacists to bring cases to our attention. "this pt's been on imipenem for 6" #COVIDASP 8:20 PM · Apr 23, 2020
Helen Newland @helennewland
@SHEA_Epi and @ASP_Chat A7: we've done a better job with realizing how intertwined so many things we do are. Intentional medication administration timing to decrease nurse room entry and conserve PPE, inhaler shortage impact on nebulizer use, etc. We our IP friends! @LukeStarnes4 @h_babcock #COVIDasp 8:57 PM Apr 23, 2020
Federal Policy Updates
COVID-19 Hospital Data Reporting Required Beginning April 23
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of the Secretary sent a letter April 21 to all hospital administrators requesting certain data elements be reported by April 23, 2020. The data elements requested, are:
  • Total number of Intensive Care Unit beds as of April 10, 2020; 
  • Total number of admissions with a positive diagnosis for COVID-19 from January 1, 2020 to April 10, 2020; and
  • National Provider Identifier. 
HHS states in the letter that administrators should have received an email from HHS on or around Sunday April 12, 2020 with instructions and a link to register for the data submission portal, and further explains that questions should be directed to TeleTracking Technical Support at 877-570-6903. Importantly, the Department notes that data submission is a prerequisite to payment.
The data will be used to inform forthcoming targeted relief payments from the Provider Relief Fund authorized under the CARES Act. Only $30B of the $100B in funding has been released to date. HHS Secretary Alex Azar informed lawmakers last week that HHS is still finalizing formulas and timelines for the next tranche of funding. This letter is not in the public domain as of this writing, but a copy can be provided per request to Lynne Batshon.
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