This SHEA expert guidance document, developed as part of the SHEA/CDC Outbreak Response Training Program (ORTP), provides recommendations for incident management during infectious diseases outbreaks and how to work within an emergency response framework. The guidance's recommendations are not pathogen-specific and are meant to apply to a range of potential infectious diseases outbreaks. 

Authors: Banach DB, Johnston BL, Al-Zubeidi D, Bartlett AH, Bleasdale SC, Deloney VM, Enfield KB, Guzman-Cottrill JA, Lowe C, Ostrosky-Zeichner L, Popovich KJ, Patel PK, Ravin K, Rowe T, Shenoy ES, Stienecker R, Tosh PK, Trivedi KK

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ORTP Advisory Panel: Guzman-Cottrill J, Ashraf M, Furuya Y, Hota S, Iovine N, Jacob J, Kressel A, May L, Murthy R, Nyquist A, Ostrowsky B, Safdar N, Young H