Surbhi Leekha MBBS, MPH, is an Infectious Diseases physician, Assistant Professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, and Medical Director for Infection Prevention and Hospital Epidemiology at the University of Maryland Medical Center. She devotes most of her professional effort to day-to-day hospital epidemiology practice. Her research focuses on various aspects of surveillance and prevention of healthcare associated infections, with a particular interest in surveillance definitions and methodology. Her goal is to link expertise in hospital epidemiology practice and research, with advocacy for our scientific field, and mentoring of students and health professionals across a spectrum of disciplines. 

Dr. Leekha has served as a member of (and liaison between) the SHEA Guidelines Committee, and the SHEA Public Policy and Government Affairs Committee for the last 3 years. Starting in 2016, she will also be one of SHEA’s liaisons to the CDC's Emerging Infections Program Healthcare Associated Infection component.