Dr. Sharmila Sengupta MD

Dr. Sengupta is a clinical microbiologist, who has been working in infection control and healthcare epidemiology for the last 18 years in India. Though the burden of multi-drug resistant pathogens are very high in India, healthcare epidemiology and infection control are relatively at a nascent stage. She is one of the first Indians to be selected as a SHEA International Ambassador and has been a part of the small working group of clinicians who are working towards capacity building in training infection control nurses and healthcare epidemiologists.

Dr. Sengupta is also working with a small group towards compiling the data to study the burden of healthcare-associated infection in India. She hopes that this data will help in creating awareness, driving change in hospital practices that move towards preventive medicine. She is also an executive member of the Hospital Infection Society of India (HIS-I) and a certified assessor for National Accreditation Board for Healthcare and Hospitals (NABH).