"Race Against Resistance" Education Scholarships  

The SHEA "Race Against Resistance" Education Scholarship was established by the SHEA Education and Research Foundation (SHEA ERF) to promote antibiotic stewardship training and education. These scholarships will be awarded to a practitioner in Antibiotic Stewardship interested in learning how to create, lead and research antibiotic stewardship in order to achieve better patient outcomes. SHEA established this scholarship thanks to the dedication of SHEA members who committed to “Race Against Resistance” and fund raise on behalf of the SHEA ERF to raise these funds. In 2019, each scholarship recipient will receive a complimentary registration to an IDWeek Antibiotic Stewardship workshop of their choice, as well as, a $500 travel stipend. Applications are due May 1, 2019.


  1. Nominees may be at any stage in their career.
  2. Nominees WITHOUT significant prior experience in creating, leading and conducting research in antibiotic stewardship will be preferenced. 
  3. Prior recipients of the "Race Against Resistance" Scholarship are ineligible for this award.

To apply, please submit the completed application form along with:

  • CV
  • A letter of no more than one page describing why you would like to have additional training in antibiotic stewardship and your career goals.
  • A letter from your supervisor or a colleague in the field, outlining your qualifications and leadership skills.

Judene Bartley Advocacy in Action Scholarship

The Judene Bartley Advocacy in Action Scholarship is an award jointly established by APIC and SHEA to cultivate and sustain public policy skill development among rising leaders in infection prevention and healthcare epidemiology.

APIC and SHEA established this scholarship in the memory of Judene M. Bartley, MS, MPH, CIC, a teacher, researcher, and passionate advocate in the field who dedicated her career to improving the delivery of healthcare through infection prevention and advancing the science of patient safety and quality improvement. Ms. Bartley was a dedicated member of APIC and SHEA and served as an essential voice in both organizations’ policy positions.

Up to two awardees of the Judene Bartley Advocacy in Action Scholarship will receive a scholarship of $1,500 to support attendance at a conference, training course, or academic course aimed at developing skill in advocacy strategies and widening the attendee’s knowledge of legislative and regulatory policy issues affecting the field of infection prevention and/or hospital epidemiology.

To apply, please submit the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV);
  • 700 words or less detailing prior involvement in public policy initiatives related to infection prevention and/or hospital epidemiology, why you believe advocacy is important/why you are passionate about advocacy, and how you will benefit from additional training made possible by the scholarship;
  • A letter of reference from an APIC or SHEA member outlining their support for your application.

Submit all of the above to legislation@apic.org with the subject line “Judene Bartley Scholarship”.

Deadline for applications: April 1, 2019.

Questions? Please email legislation@apic.org or foundation@shea-online.org.

Previous Winners of the Judene Bartley Award include:

  • 2018 - Karen Zervopoulos
  • 2017 - Jessica Hayashi
  • 2015 - Pranavi Veera Sreeramoju
  • 2014 - Cassandra A. Landholdt